We believe that people are at the heart of any successful organisation, which is why we strive to provide our team members with the best possible working conditions and the opportunity to properly apply their knowledge while constantly developing their qualifications. We are focused on having a team of highly competent, experienced professionals. What we value most is a sincere approach to work, competitive professional skills, knowledge of foreign languages, a desire to improve and work as a team to achieve Trelo’s goals!


The Trelo administration team brings a wide range of experiences and skills together to provide the highest level of service to customers. From the Vilnius-based Trelo administration unit, employees manage all the company’s main processes and are responsible for the successful operation of company service centres throughout Europe.

As the Trelo service network expands, so does the demand for employees. Currently, we have four Trelo service centres in Western Europe, each of them constantly expanding their staff numbers. We’re constantly on the lookout for talented professionals in different fields.

Plečiantis Trelo servisų tinklui didėja ir darbuotojų poreikis. Šiuo metu Vakarų Europos regione veikia 4 Trelo paslaugų centrai, nuolat didinantys savo kolektyvą, tad mielai į savo komandą priimsime savo srities profesionalus.


Currently we have no vacancies, but if you are interested in joining the Trelo team, please fill out the form below and we will contact you when a qualifying position comes up.




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